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This section explains the prerequisites and installation requirements to set up OpenEBS Local Persistent Volumes (PV) backed by LVM Storage.


Before installing the LVM driver, make sure your Kubernetes Cluster must meet the below prerequisite:

  • All the nodes must have lvm2 utils installed and the dm-snapshot kernel module loaded.

Setup Volume Group#

Find the disk that you want to use for the LVM, for testing you can use the loopback device.

truncate -s 1024G /tmp/disk.img
sudo losetup -f /tmp/disk.img --show

Create the Volume group on all the nodes, which will be used by the LVM Driver for provisioning the volumes.

sudo pvcreate /dev/loop0
sudo vgcreate lvmvg /dev/loop0 ## here lvmvg is the volume group name to be created


For installation instructions, see here.


If you encounter issues or have a question, file a Github issue, or talk to us on the #openebs channel on the Kubernetes Slack server.

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