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Prepare a cluster by following the steps outlined in this guide.

Install Replicated PV Mayastor on MicroK8s#

To install Replicated PV Mayastor using Helm on MicroK8s, execute the following command:


helm install openebs openebs/openebs -n openebs --create-namespace \
--set mayastor.csi.node.kubeletDir="/var/snap/microk8s/common/var/lib/kubelet" \
--set lvm-localpv.lvmNode.kubeletDir="/var/snap/microk8s/common/var/lib/kubelet" \
--set zfs-localpv.zfsNode.kubeletDir="/var/snap/microk8s/common/var/lib/kubelet"


NAME: openebs
LAST DEPLOYED: Wed Apr 17 14:35:22 2024
NAMESPACE: openebs
STATUS: deployed
Successfully installed OpenEBS.
Check the status by running: kubectl get pods -n openebs
The default values will install both Local PV and Replicated PV. However,
the Replicated PV will require additional configuration to be fuctional.
The Local PV offers non-replicated local storage using 3 different storage
backends i.e HostPath, LVM and ZFS, while the Replicated PV provides one replicated highly-available
storage backend i.e Mayastor.
For more information,
- Connect with an active community on our Kubernetes slack channel.
- Sign up to Kubernetes slack:
- #openebs channel:

Resolve Known Issue (Calico Vxlan)#

During the installation of Replicated PV Mayastor in MicroK8s, Pods with hostnetwork might encounter a known issue where they get stuck in the init state due to the Calico Vxlan bug.

Expected Error


To resolve this error, execute the following command:


microk8s kubectl patch felixconfigurations default --patch '{"spec":{"featureDetectOverride":"ChecksumOffloadBroken=true"}}' --type=merge

For more details about this issue, refer to the GitHub issue.


Refer to the Replicated PV Mayastor Configuration for further Configuration of Replicated PV Mayastor including storage pools, storage class, persistent volume claims, and application setup.

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