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Replicated Storage Overview#

Replicated Storage (a.k.a Replicated Engine) is a progressive sub-project of the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Open Source initiative OpenEBS. OpenEBS is a Container Native Storage (CNS) solution that extends Kubernetes by providing a declarative data plane, offering resilient and adaptable storage for stateful applications.

Design Goals#

The fundamental design objectives driving Replicated Storage's development are as follows:

  • High Availability and Durability: Replicated Storage aims to ensure the persistence of data with high levels of availability and durability, contributing to the reliability of applications in a Kubernetes environment.
  • Simplified Deployment and Management: The project endeavors to achieve seamless deployment and effortless management, empowering autonomous Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), or development teams to handle the storage infrastructure efficiently.
  • Low Overhead Abstraction: Replicated Storage is designed to be a lightweight abstraction, minimizing resource overhead while delivering optimal storage performance for workloads.

NVMe-oF Semantics and Performance#

Replicated Storage is built on the foundation of Intel's cutting-edge Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK). The project fully leverages the protocol and computational efficiency of Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) semantics. This approach harnesses the immense performance capabilities of the latest generation solid-state storage devices, delivering a storage abstraction that incurs performance overhead within single-digit percentages.

In contrast, traditional pre-CNS shared storage systems are known to introduce overhead, often exceeding 40% and occasionally reaching as high as 80% of the underlying device or cloud volume capabilities. Moreover, pre-CNS shared storage can scale unpredictably as various workloads compete for access to shared storage resources.


Although Replicated Storage utilizes NVMe-oF, it does not impose any requirements for the use of NVMe devices or cloud volumes.

Quickstart Guide#

Refer to the Quickstart Guide for more information.

Source Code and Contributions#

To access the Replicated Storage source code or actively contribute to the project, visit the GitHub repository.

Community Support via Slack#

Join the vibrant OpenEBS community on Kubernetes Slack for assistance and discussions related to OpenEBS and Replicated Storage. If you have questions or seek further information, visit the#openebs channel. If you are not already part of the community, you can sign up on Kubernetes Slack for a collaborative experience.

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