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The mayactl is the command line tool for interacting with OpenEBS volumes and Pools. The mayactl is not used or required while provisioning or managing the OpenEBS volumes, but it is currently used while debugging and troubleshooting. OpenEBS volume and pool status can be get using the mayactl command.


Command used with mayactl

Accessing mayactl

Using mayactl

Commands used with mayactl#

The following commands can be run using mayactl to get the details of OpenEBS volume, StoragePool and installed version.

  1. OpenEBS volume related
    • mayactl volume list
    • mayactl volume stats
    • mayactl volume describe
  2. OpenEBS StoragePool related
    • mayactl pool list
    • mayactl pool describe
  3. OpenEBS version related
    • mayactl version

Accessing mayactl#

For getting access to mayactl command line tool, you have to login or execute into the maya-apiserver pod on Kubernetes. The steps are outlined below.

  1. Find out the name of the maya-apiserver

    kubectl get pod -n openebs | grep -i api

    Following is an example output.

    maya-apiserver-7f5689b96b-p1p2p 1/1 Running 0 10d
  2. It is possible that there are multiple instances of maya-apiserver pods for scaling purposes. You can run mayactl in any one of them. Shell into one of the pods using kubectl exec command . You can do as following way.

    kubectl exec -it <maya-apiserver-podname> /bin/bash -n openebs

    You will get access to the bash shell of maya-apiserver pod like shown below.


Using mayactl#

Once you are inside the maya -apiserver,use mayactl help command for more details.

mayactl help

Example Output:

Maya means 'Magic' a tool for storage orchestration
mayactl [command]
Available Commands:
completion Outputs shell completion code for the specified shell (bash or zsh)
help Help about any command
pool Provides operations related to a storage pool
version Prints version and other details relevant to maya
volume Provides operations related to a Volume

mayactl for OpenEBS Storage Volume#

OpenEBS storage volume command usage examples are shown below.

mayactl volume

Example Output:

The following commands helps in operating a Volume such as create, list, and so on.
Usage: mayactl volume <subcommand> [options] [args]
> List Volumes:
$ mayactl volume list
> Statistics of a Volume:
$ mayactl volume stats --volname <vol>
> Statistics of a Volume created in 'test' namespace:
$ mayactl volume stats --volname <vol> --namespace test
> Info of a Volume:
$ mayactl volume describe --volname <vol>
> Info of a Volume created in 'test' namespace:
$ mayactl volume describe --volname <vol> --namespace test
mayactl volume [command]
Available Commands:
describe Displays Openebs Volume information
list Displays status information about Volume(s)
stats Displays the runtime statistics of Volume

The following command shows the list of all OpenEBS volumes including both Jiva and cStor.

mayactl volume list

Example Output:

Namespace Name Status Type Capacity StorageClass Access Mode
--------- ---- ------ ---- -------- ------------- -----------
openebs pvc-dc3cb979-51ec-11e9-803f-42010a800179 Running cstor 8G openebs-cstor-sparse ReadWriteOnce

The following command shows the description of a OpenEBS volume.

mayactl volume describe --volname pvc-dc3cb979-51ec-11e9-803f-42010a800179 -n openebs

Example Output:

Portal Details :
-------- --------
Volume : pvc-dc3cb979-51ec-11e9-803f-42010a800179
Portal :
Size : 8G
Controller Status : running,running,running
Controller Node : gke-ranjith-082-default-pool-2cd2b6cb-l4ck
Replica Count : 3
Replica Details :
---- ------ --------- -----
pvc-dc3cb979-51ec-11e9-803f-42010a800179-cstor-sparse-pool-ejs2 Running cstor-sparse-pool-ejs2 gke-ranjith-082-default-pool-2cd2b6cb-d456
pvc-dc3cb979-51ec-11e9-803f-42010a800179-cstor-sparse-pool-gf1d Running cstor-sparse-pool-gf1d gke-ranjith-082-default-pool-2cd2b6cb-l4ck
pvc-dc3cb979-51ec-11e9-803f-42010a800179-cstor-sparse-pool-m8cy Running cstor-sparse-pool-m8cy gke-ranjith-082-default-pool-2cd2b6cb-x571

The following command shows the live statistics of OpenEBS volume.

mayactl volume stats --volname pvc-448deccf-40d9-11e9-a23b-0050569331ce -n openebs

Example Output:

Portal Details :
------ ---------
Volume : pvc-dc3cb979-51ec-11e9-803f-42010a800179
Size : 5.000000
Performance Stats :
------ ---------
r/s w/s r(MB/s) w(MB/s) rLat(ms) wLat(ms)
---- ---- -------- -------- --------- ---------
0 121 0.000 0.013 0.000 9.495
Capacity Stats :
------ ---------
------------ ---------
0.000 3.246

mayactl for OpenEBS Storage Pools#

OpenEBS storage pool command usage examples are shown below.

mayactl pool

It will show the available commands which can run with mayactl for getting details of OpenEBS pools.

Command provides operations related to a storage pools.
Usage: mayactl pool <subcommand> [options] [args]
> Lists pool:
$ mayactl pool list
mayactl pool [command]
Available Commands:
describe Describes the pools
list Lists all the pools

The following command shows the list of all OpenEBS StoragePools.

mayactl pool list

Example Output:

--------- --------- ---------
cstor-pool1-5lwv striped
cstor-pool1-qba6 striped
cstor-pool1-v4oy striped

The following command show the description of OpenEBS StoragePool.

mayactl pool describe --poolname cstor-pool1-5lwv

Example Output:

Pool Details :
------ ------
Storage Pool Name : cstor-pool1-5lwv
Node Name :
CAS Template Used : cstor-pool-create-default-0.9.0
CAS Type : cstor
StoragePoolClaim : cstor-pool1
UID : fb2bd1d8-2f88-11e9-a23b-0050569331ce
Pool Type : striped
Over Provisioning : false
Disk List :
------ ------

mayactl Version#

OpenEBS installed version can be obtained using the following command. This will show the status of maya-apiserver and its URL.

mayactl version

Example Output:

Version: 1.2.0-released
Git commit: c00fc22aab1425e824ed24ed4b7e6f49c9c1468c
GO Version: go1.11.2
GO ARCH: amd64
GO OS: linux
m-apiserver url:
m-apiserver status: running

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