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OpenEBS is an extremely active community. Please expect a response within 3-6 hours.

OpenEBS on GitHub is a great place to join if you want to contribute to our codebase.


We welcome community contributions! You can start with or check the file in the respective OpenEBS repository for instructions on how to submit changes. If you are planning on making more elaborate changes, please discuss them on the community slack or join our contributor meetings.

Community Meeting

The OpenEBS Community invites all its members to attend the community meetings to discuss anything & everything about Kubernetes & OpenEBS. This would be helpful to decide the future roadmap & the current areas to focus on the most popular container attached storage project.

Day - Bi-Weekly On Thursday

Time - 9:30 AM PDT/ 12:30 PM EDT/ 6:30 PM CEST/ 10:00 PM IST

Add the event in your calendar - Google    iCal    Outlook

The working document/meeting notes for the contributors meet is here.

Code of Conduct

To make OpenEBS a welcoming and harassment-free experience for everyone, we abide by this Code of Conduct for all the projects maintained under the OpenEBS Organization.

Project Governance describes the rules and governance of the OpenEBS project. It is meant to be followed by all the developers of the project and the OpenEBS community.


OpenEBS was initially started and majority of its development has been sponsored by MayaData.

We would also like to acknowledge all the Open Source contributors from the dependent projects. A special shout out to the Rancher/Longhorn, GoStor, OpenZFS, Intel and SPDK communities whose work is heavily used in OpenEBS projects.


OpenEBS is developed under Apache License 2.0 license at the project level. Some components of the projects are derived from the other Open Source projects and are distributed under their respective licenses.

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