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OpenEBS builds on Kubernetes to enable Stateful applications to easily access Dynamic Local PVs or Replicated PVs. By using the Container Attached Storage pattern users report lower costs, easier management, and more control for their teams.

OpenEBS is a 100% Open Source CNCF project made withheart by MayaData & the community. Prominent users include Arista, Optoro, Orange, Comcast and the CNCF itself.

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With just one line of code, you’re up and running:

helm install stable/openebs --name openebs --namespace openebs
Any stateful Kubernetes application
Any Storage System

What is OpenEBS?

    OpenEBS is the leading storage solution for Kubernetes
  • Kubernetes native; runs in userspace
  • Open Source; no vendor lock-in
  • The only multi cloud storage solution

Why OpenEBS?


Multi Cloud Storage

Automated provisioning and storage replication across pods is challenging. OpenEBS makes complex cross-cloud stateful application storage easy.

Built in Kubernetes

Unlike CSI plugins or Linux kernel dependent software, OpenEBS runs entirely in userspace, making deployment and maintenance a snap.


Open Source Leader

The largest, most active Kubernetes storage project with the biggest user base and community, OpenEBS is built by K8s SREs, and experts just like you, tailored to their needs.

OpenEBS runs on any Kubernetes platform such as

Setting up OpenEBS is simple in any Application

OpenEBS orchestrates storage for any Kubernetes stack. Here’s how to get OpenEBS working on some top applications:


Get Support

Need help in getting OpenEBS up and running? Get support when you need it by visiting our support center!

Recent Updates from OpenEBS

What's new from the OpenEBS contributors and community

Life cycle of PVC with Volume Populator

Life cycle of PVC with Volume Populator

This blog explain the life cycle of PVC with a volume populator. We will go through volume lifecycle with and without volume populator...

Key Features


Container Storage

Storage that follows your workloads, adding agility and flexibility to your k8s apps.


Granular Control

Every workloads has its own dynamic container based storage with any controls you need.


No Vendor Lock-in

100% Open Source so you'll never find your critical data locked into expensive contracts.


Save money on storage

Thin provisioning and ephemeral storage let you allocate storage on demand and spend less on cloud storage.


Backups and more

Move your workloads & storage from dev to production, all powered by OpenEBS.


Run anywhere

Your K8s app can run on any cloud & improve resilience across many availability zones.


OpenEBS is a proud member of the CNCF


OpenEBS is developed under Apache License 2.0 license at the project level. Some components of the projects are derived from the other Open Source projects and are distributed under their respective licenses.

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