Hacktoberfest returns! Contribute to OpenEBS and win exciting swag

The seventh annual Hacktoberfest celebration is almost here, and we at OpenEBS are happy to be participating in the contest once again. In August 2017, the OpenEBS community began growing and building a strong foundation for an open source project.

We were first introduced to Hacktoberfest by friends and peers at the DigitalOcean Bangalore Meetup and were immediately interested in participating. We enlisted OpenEBS as one of the projects participating in Hacktoberfest 2017. We were pleasantly surprised by the participation and enthusiasm that Hacktoberfest attracts from developers around the world. The PRs have been at their peak during Hacktoberfest.

Get started with OpenEBS this Hacktoberfest

Following the smashing success we had when we participated in the event last few years, we’re going to do the same this year! MayaData makes it more exciting to participate in Hacktoberfest by running multiple Meetups through-out the month, and helping contributors to get started with their favorite areas (in any of the programming languages) like website development and documentation enhancements.

To top it all, there are exciting prizes to be won and every contribution deserves an additional swag from MayaData. Read this blog by Aswath K, one of last year’s weekly winners, who writes about his experience with OpenEBS in Hacktoberfest 2019.

How do I contribute to OpenEBS?

That is an excellent question! OpenEBS is a Kubernetes native Container Attached Storage (CAS) that simplifies running Stateful workloads on Kubernetes. It is built on Microservices architectural patterns, fully automated development, and build pipelines.

OpenEBS has several components that need your help from simple fixes like adding GitHub issue templates, to enhancing the components. These are developed using Go, Rust, Python, Javascript, Ansible, and many more interesting tools. OpenEBS is also a great way to start your journey into the exciting world of storage, containers, and Kubernetes.

The architecture overview document is a great place to start learning and picking up a component that speaks to your passion. You could start your first contribution by enhancing that document itself for providing more clarity.

There are many other good first issues to pick from.

Contributions can be anything from creating issues, improving user and contributor documents, enhancing build and docker tools, fixing and enhancing code, or unit tests and e2e tests. If you are unsure where to start, begin a discussion with the contributors on GitHub Discussions or by joining OpenEBS Community on Kubernetes Slack.

Will there be swag?

Yes. A big fat YES!

The official Hacktoberfest will be giving away free t-shirts to every person making four pull requests to open source repositories during October, as well as limited-edition Hacktoberfest stickers to everyone who participates.

On top of this, you will also be able to get some exclusive and limited OpenEBS swag. When your PR to any OpenEBS repository is merged, we will contact you to fill out a form to send a special edition swag designed for Hacktoberfest.

Not only this but by becoming a top weekly contributor, you’ll be able to grab even more swag.

Prizes will be sent to quality contributions. The best PR will win a grand prize. Stay tuned to find out more.

So, what are you waiting for! Go get your git on and start contributing - we can’t wait to receive your PR.

Happy hacking!

Getting Started:

  1. https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/
  2. Join OpenEBS Community on Kubernetes Slack
  3. Checkout the OpenEBS Contributing guide
  4. Learn about the architecture and components of OpenEBS
  5. Create new issues for your contribution or pick one of the existing issues from https://github.com/openebs/openebs/issues