About OpenEBS

OpenEBS is the most widely deployed and easy to use open source storage solution for Kubernetes.

OpenEBS is the leading open source example of a category of storage solutions sometimes called Container Attached Storage.

OpenEBS is listed as an open source example in the CNCF Storage Landscape White Paper under the hyperconverged storage solutions.

Some key aspects that make OpenEBS different compared to other traditional storage solutions:

  • Built using the microservices architecture like the applications it serves. OpenEBS is itself deployed as a set of containers on Kubernetes worker nodes. Uses Kubernetes itself to orchestrate and manage OpenEBS components
  • Built completely in userspace making it highly portable to run across any OS/platform
  • Completely intent-driven, inheriting the same principles that drive the ease of use with Kubernetes
  • OpenEBS supports a range of storage engines so that developers can deploy the storage technology appropriate to their application design objectives. Distributed applications like Cassandra can use the LocalPV engine for lowest latency writes. Monolithic applications like MySQL and PostgreSQL can use the ZFS engine (cStor) for resilience. Streaming applications like Kafka can use the NVMe engine MayaStor for best performance in edge environments. Across engine types, OpenEBS provides a consistent framework for high availability, snapshots, clones and manageability.


Our vision is simple: let storage and storage services for persistent workloads be fully integrated into the environment so that each team and workload benefits from the granularity of control and Kubernetes native behaviour.

CNCF Sandbox Project

OpenEBS is part of the CNCF Projects.


OpenEBS is developed under Apache License 2.0 license at the project level. Some components of the projects are derived from the other Open Source projects and are distributed under their respective licenses.

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