Commercial Support

This is a list of third-party companies and individuals who provide products or services related to OpenEBS. OpenEBS is an independent open source project which does not endorse any company. The list is provided in alphabetical order.

  • Clouds Sky GmbH - The makers of TK8, a cloud agnostic open source tool which helps you to deploy Kubernetes on any cloud in an uniform and homogeneous way.
  • CodeWave - A performance and scalability-focused web development firm that delivers custom software solutions and operates cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Gridworkz Cloud Services - DevOps Cloud Services specializing in Kubernetes and ERP systems.
  • MayaData - Primary contributors to OpenEBS and creators of Kubera, the fully featured free toolset to extend OpenEBS to more use cases.

OpenEBS is developed under Apache License 2.0 license at the project level. Some components of the projects are derived from the other Open Source projects and are distributed under their respective licenses.

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