I’m excited to announce that I recently joined CloudByte, a developer of storage solutions for enterprises and service providers and the originator of the new OpenEBS project. While my role is Chairman of the Board of Directors, I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and doing whatever I can to help.

You might ask — why? And so what?

1. YAML = truth

When I helped popularize the notion of software defined open storage years ago as founding CEO of Nexenta — one of the concerns was “who sets the definition?” At the time VMware was pushing themselves for that role. It was a bottoms up — infrastructure up — approach that never fully caught hold.

It was a pre DevOps approach of doing things that often ended in the old familiar:

These days the intent of the developer and the requirements of the application are being expressed via flavors of YAML that Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos, StackStorm, Rancher and others leverage.

CloudByte, via the OpenEBS community that builds on many of the technologies that CloudByte has been building and selling for years, is well positioned to be the preferred solution for containerized storage for containers not just because of the underlying QoS isolation bits — though that heritage is important — but also because we and the OpenEBS community are 100% focused on manifesting the intent and latent requirements of the application.

Take a look at OpenEBS here: www.OpenEBS.io. It is early however already gathering some great contributors and users. Please let us know what you think.

2. I like money

No, it isn’t that I’m joining the board for the money. News flash — early stage start-ups don’t have money lying around to pay board members, actually the cash flows the other way :) Rather, CloudByte’s technologies have been proven by demanding enterprises and service providers.

This existing customer set — and their increasing commitments as confirmed by a far and away record quarter of sales last quarter — gives us a foundation to build upon. We intend to extend our success in the scale up storage space via our flexible business model and superior technology — especially for use cases where our per volume QoS management matters to users.

3. Team time!

Most importantly, as I’ve come to know the CloudByte team I’ve formed a commitment to them and their vision for the kind of company we can build. I feel honored to support our CEO and co-founder Uma — he’s brilliant, he is stubborn, and he is relentlessly making real a vision for what storage can be — as an enabler of the shift towards cloud native and devops as opposed to an inhibitor. It didn’t hurt that the new board hit it off immediately and that Raj from Fidelity / EightRoads and Sandeep from Nexus have great entrepreneur-friendly reputations as well as massive funds supporting them.

There will be much more to come as we share our thoughts about strategy and, maybe more importantly, as OpenEBS community members lay out what they’d like to see in containerized storage.

Until then — please get in touch. Hang out with us on the community or just ping me via twitter @epowell101 or otherwise. Let’s work together to make storage — finally — something that does what it is supposed to do despite all the challenges inherent to providing persistence to today’s ever more dynamic environments.